Satta King Up: The Arcade Game Review

November 14, 2021 games No Comments

If you want to make quick money online then you should try playing Samsara King up. This online game has been getting immense popularity all over the world. Now it has turned into a new living fashion by which one is able to earn ample of money without much efforts.

It is absolutely according to fate or destiny that you will become a sattaking . So there is no such formula or technique to become a Satta King. Satta has no formula or technique to be developed. It is completely dependent on your own luck or fate.

Here are the levels in which one has to start playing Samsara King. There are sixteen levels which you can go through easily. You can start with level 16. The first level you have to clear is the very first one. There are two secret levels which you have to clear successfully to get to the next level.

The secret level gives you unlimited coins and that is why this level is the most popular. The next level after this is called as the diamond level. You have to complete this level before you get the certificate for the golden ticket. Then comes the platinum level which has only one mission, but it is very tough.

Here you have to kill a total number of animals and collect the eggs. Those animals which are killed will be added to your tally. Collecting the eggs is equally important task which you have to accomplish successfully. The eggs have to be collected before they hatch to reveal a secret area which contains the last enemy of yours. This level is also called the last stand and has a huge golden boss.

The last level that you reach is the top level. It is similar to the previous levels in that you have to kill many animals, collect the eggs and kill enemies to progress further. The only difference is that you have more advanced weapons like knives, razors and spears in order to kill the enemies with the best accuracy. This level is also called the crown level and the highest achievement award that you get here is the crown.

Here you have to ride a horse called tracker and kill elephants, pigs and crocodiles. In addition to this, there are some interesting locations which are worth noting down. One of the most interesting locations is the prison camp called the fort which was heavily fortified. There are also some ancient monuments that are worth noting down like the Basilica of Bom Jesus. This game has many challenges but all of them are fun to do. This game is available on all the current-gen consoles.

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